Healthy Relationships

Join Other Men on This Unique Journey!

“Healthy Relationships” is an exciting and interactive program which can help gay and bi-sexual men who are living with HIV to deal with some of the fear and stress that comes with living with HIV and can help to build safer and healthier relationships.

A workshop for men who have sex with men to help them develop problem-solving skills about HIV in their dating lives - how to approach the subject, when it’s a good time to disclose, reducing risky behaviors, etc. Movie clips are used to encourage discussions.


“Healthy Relationships” can benefit by helping with…

  • Exploring issues of sex, sexuality, and intimacy
  • Sharing (or not sharing) your HIV status
  • Providing a safe, confidential space to meet others on this journey
  • Providing answers to questions

What else do you get out of it?
Because we want to honor your time and commitment, we will provide a $25 gift card!

What’s next?
Simply contact Ka'Juan Hill 313-446-9800 (Detroit) or Anthony Jenkins 734-572-9355 (Ypsilanti) to find out when the next cycle of Healthy Relationships will start.

It’s time to invest in you!