the team



Director of Programs (Detroit)
Rayshaunda Gipson

Case Management Manager
Kelly Gjeldum, LMSW

Care Coordination Manager
Edricka Hardge

Outreach Manager
Alia Sanders

Mpowerment Manager
Christopher Woolfolk

Monica Allen
Henry Ford Care Coordinator

Christine Anderson
Lab Coordinator

Angela Asbell
H.E2.R.O.S. Council Wellness Coach

Alana Crawford
Henry Ford Care Coordination - Housing Specialist

Brenna Darden

Mariah Montemayor
Systems Navigation

Tony O’Rourke
Reentry Medical Case Manager

Teaira Ross
Corrections Outreach Specialist

Clarence Ruff
H.E2.R.O.S. Council Health and Human Service Provider Trainer

Demerie Ruiz
Care Coordination Case Manager

Breanca Solomon
Henry Ford Care Coordinator

MarNeishia Walker
Medical Case Manager

Michael Wallace
Communications Coordinator

Grey Weinstein
Reentry Medical Case Manager

Gregory Wesley
Reentry Medical Case Manager

Mister Whitfield
Outreach Specialist



Prevention Manager
Leon Golson

HIV Care Manager
Jennifer Green

Harm Reduction Program Manager
Ashley Lieto

Quality Specialist
Erin Suprunuk

Sam Bacarella
Prevention Specialist

Alexa Batha
RWB Medical Case Manager

Joyce Blair
Case Manager

Summer Burrell
Housing Specialist

Caitlyn Clock
Tobacco Treatment Specialist Coordinator

Samantha Corbin
RWB Medical Case Manager

Tangi James
Harm Reduction Case Manager

Michael Jonas
RWB Medical Case Manager

Cat Hall
Peer Harm Reduction Specialist

Melissa Small
Housing Specialist

Hunter Spiess-Whitaker
Harm Reduction Outreach Coordinator