Destigmatizing Sexual Education Panel with UNIFIED

Mar 3

De-stigmitize sexual education with the Social Work Queer Alliance (SWQA)! The SWQA is our LGBTQ+ Social Work Student Organization, dedicated to creating safe spaces and support systems for social work students. 

Our Virtual Sexual Education Panel will be a virtual student-centered discussion about sex education, HIV, STI information, and expert knowledge on equitable healthcare on zoom. We will have a panel of specialists and educators to answer questions and share their knowledge within breakout rooms and Q and A sessions! We will also have the option to submit questions for the panelists before the event when you RSVP. You will also receive a certificate for attendance! 

The panelist will feature Unified with its members Leon, Blair, and Alfredo. Leon Golson is a Prevention Manager and will be speaking on current research around HIV. Blair Carter is a Prevention Specialist and will be speaking about PREP/PEP. Alfredo Smith is an Ending the Epidemic Administrator and will be speaking on their program called ‘Stigma Fighters’.

The panel will also include two professors: Kathy Gerus from Macomb Community College and Paula Kirsch from Wayne State University. Kathy Gerus teaches Sociology at Macomb Community College and founder of the non-profit Stitches Doll Project. Paula Kirsch is a Sex therapist and teaches Human Sexuality at Wayne State University. 




  • Thu Mar 3, 2022   4:00pm – 6:00pm