Linkage To Care

UNIFIED’s Early Intervention Services or Linkage to Care Program is designed for consumers who are newly diagnosed with HIV in the last 6 months or for any consumer who has fallen out of HIV care and wants to re-engage. Our program also accommodates any consumer new to the Detroit Metropolitan area and in need of HIV Services.

Our diverse staff consists of people who are passionate about the communities we serve. We go to bat for our consumers, advocating on their behalf whenever necessary. Each consumer works with their Linkage To Care Specialist to create a unique service plan, designed to fit their specific needs. Our Linkage To Care Specialist can also assist with:

  • HIV Health Literacy
  • Navigating client through DHS/Benefits process
  • Medication Adherence
  • Escort to initial 3 appointments with HIV specific doctor

We understand that many people living with HIV either fall out of care or never get into care because they don’t have other supportive needs met, are unaware of what services are available to them or are experiencing barriers to care.

Our mission is to guide individuals through those obstacles by assisting them is accessing:

  • Benefits Assistance
  • Clothing Pantries
  • Food/Nutritional Assistance/Education
  • Health Insurance
  • HIV Medical Care
  • Housing Assistance
  • Individual and/or Group HIV Education
  • Medical Appointment Transportation Assistance
  • Prescription Assistance
  • Support Groups
  • Tobacco Reduction Services

Consumers and referring providers can start the linkage to care process by contacting us at 313-446-9800. 

For additional sexual health information contact the Michigan HIV/STD Hotline at 1-800-872-2437.