Wellness Harm Reduction

Wellness Harm Reduction

Our team of Harm Reduction Specialists provide real life solutions and education to help mitigate the risks associated with substance use and to reduce the harmful effects of overdose and the spread of infectious disease.

We strive to empower people who use drug and people who engage in sex work, including LGBTQIA2S+ individuals by providing a non-judgmental space that allows for an exploration of ways in which substance use can impact them both positively and negatively.

At Wellness Harm Reduction, all are welcome! It is our mission to meet people where they are at and give them the compassion, support, and respect that they deserve.



Harm Reduction Hours

Syringe Service Program

Our Syringe Service Program (SSP) is run by a team of compassionate individuals with lived experience.

What we offer:

Safe Use Supplies

Overdose Rescue Supplies

Safer Sex Supplies

Wound Care Supplies

Hygiene Supplies

Harm Reduction Education

HIV, HCV, STI Testing

Linkage to care

Case Management

Community Outreach

Support Groups

Clinical Therapy


Harm Reduction Pamphlet

Harm Reduction Pamphlet

Are you looking for safer sex and/or harm reduction supplies such as condoms, Naloxone, and works? Do you live in Southeast Michigan, and lack access to a Syringe Access Program? Check out our discreet mail order form. Just click the link below, fill out the form, and one of our Harm Reduction Specialist will be in contact.


Case Management

Our case manager advocates for compassionate, equitable care for people who are excluded from traditional systems of care. They utilize a person-centered, holistic approach to assist individuals with assessing their needs and establishing self-determined goals. Our case manager has experience helping individuals overcome systemic barriers to access essential goods and services including (but not limited to) housing, food, benefits, health care, substance use management, education, employment, transportation, legal assistance, clothing, and personal care items. 



Delonis Peer Support Group



Cleaning Syringe

Never Use Alone

Never Use Alone

Xylazine Information

Harm Reduction Hours

Delonis Peer Support Group

Harm Reduction Pamphlet

Harm Reduction Pamphlet






Case Management

Email: Tjames@miunified.org

Phone: 313-316-5109


Program Manager

Email: Alieto@miunified.org

Phone: 734-787-4473



Email: Hwhitaker@miunified.org

Phone: 734-572-3262

Email: Chall@miunified.org

Phone: 313-316-8801